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ALINEL offers no less than 4 different main types, each of which has several variants, which can be combined to your liking.

Type A

Sometimes called “The Original” . This was our first series and to this day has remained our best-seller. Size of block corrugation 30x20 mm.

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Type B

Developed in response to market demand and becoming ever more popular. More pronounced block corrugation of 40x25mm and wider intermediate sections of 50mm.

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Type C

If regularity is NOT your thing! Then this series, with its irregular character, will definitely appeal to you. With combinations of block corrugations: 30x20 mm / 40x40 mm / 60x30 mm / 80x30 mm.

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Type D

Fins that exude a timeless elegance and refined look. The perfect choice for anyone aiming for an exclusive look. U-shape of 30x25mm.

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Type E

Our newest series. Similar depth as Type A - these can be combined to form a board wall - with varying and different widths: 30 – 60 – 90 – 120 – 150mm.

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